To cease to exist; to expire. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. mature ma‧ture 1 [məˈtʆʊə ǁ -ˈtʊr] verb [intransitive]
1. FINANCE if a financial arrangement such as a bond or an insurance policy matures, it becomes ready to be paid:

• The debentures will mature in five years' time.

2. to become fully developed:

• The country's economy has matured and become more open to competition.

3. ECONOMICS if an industry or market matures, it stops growing as fast as before, and the number of competitors decreases:

• When the market begins to mature, it is increasingly difficult for new entrants to gain a significant position.

  [m0] II. mature mature 2 adjective ECONOMICS
a mature industry or market is one where growth is relatively low and there are fewer competitors than before:

• Many emerging markets have outpaced (= developed more quickly than ) more mature markets such as the U.S. and Japan.

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mature UK US /məˈtjʊər/ US  /məˈtʃʊər/ adjective
ECONOMICS, MARKETING a mature market, industry, or product has stopped growing or developing as fast as it did when it was new: a mature market/industry »

If a firm is in a mature market, it will be hard to generate growing returns to shareholders.


Despite its image as an owner of mature businesses, we expect strong profits growth ahead.


The piston engine is a mature technology that's increasingly difficult to improve.

completely or almost completely developed, usually because of having existed for a long time: »

This level of disputed votes is unprecedented among mature democracies.

HR adult or older, or behaving in a reasonable way like an adult or older person: »

Colleagues who are tired of playing office politics will welcome your more mature approach.


mature workers/graduates

mature UK US /məˈtjʊər/ US  /məˈtʃʊər/ verb [I]
FINANCE, INSURANCE to become ready to be paid: a bond/policy/investment matures »

When the bonds matured in September, they produced a profit of $39 million.


What happens if the firm goes bust before my policy has matured?


The endowment is due to mature in five years.

ECONOMICS, MARKETING if a market, industry, etc. matures, it stops growing or developing as fast as it did when it was new: a market/industry matures »

The market matured and only a few brands survived.

to become completely grown or developed: »

They started to worry about environmental damage only after their own economies matured.


You should plan for your business to mature within three to five years.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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